About Us


About us

We are Bengaluru based HARAS Beverages Pvt Ltd, founded in 2012 by a Cambridge educated nanoscientist Dr.Vijay Kanuru, HARAS is the world's first Turmeric Juice for air pollution detox needs, suitable for daily use.

Made of water soluble natural curcumin, HARAS is world's first Turmeric Juice, an innovative daily detox the air- pollution induced inflammatory toxins.

The air we breathe is equivalent to smoking of 20-30 cigarettes a day, which is responsible for 7.0 million premature deaths every year. Air Pollution not only triggers daily stress and fatigue but also the root cause of diabetes, obesity, heart blocks, impotency, lung-liver damages and cancers.

  Our Mission & Vision 

To harness human potential by restoring the health and wellness which is taken away by the air pollution at the moment. The invisible and hazardous PM 2.5 particles present in the air induces inflammatory toxins, unless we clear them every day it gradually manifests into various chronic conditions

Our mission is to bring awareness about the necessity of daily internal hygiene and establish turmeric morning culture of having HARAS turmeric juice as first in the morning, the way we brush our teeth and bath our skin.

  Our Team 

  We are a team of passionate individuals diligently reviving ayurvedic knowledge to contemporary challenges. We are committed to ensure highest customer satisfaction by offering the finest and world’s first Turmeric Juice to safe guard your health from dangerous pollution inflammation and toxins. 

  Our Commitment: 

  High quality natural turmeric extracts  

Safer and tested ingredients

Value customer feedback and suggestions

We are constantly endeavouring to develop novel and innovative Turmeric Juice variants with assorted flavours to cater all the age groups and occassions. We will be happy to have your valuable suggestion and feedback, kindly share your inputs with us on contact@haras.in